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Lightcast Moto Reel 500 - Demo

Welcome to Lightcast International Reels Division

We build custom retractable reels and stock our own

Lightcast offers a wide array of very affordable retractable reels for cable management that are perfect for under tables and hanging from ceilings or wall mounts. Use with laptops, projectors, moving factory equipment, barcode scanners, police video upload docking stations, computer labs and microphone hook ups in lecture halls, libraries, class rooms and churches. A variety from steel to tough ABS reels. Cable lengths of 6′ to 500′. All products Made in U.S.A. offering retractable reels in POWER 14 awg and 12 awg, CAT5, CAT6, CAT6e, CAT6,a CAT7, VGA, USB, MIC, Ethernet, HDMI, BNC, COAXIAL in RG6, RG8, RG58, RG59, LMR400, 50ohm 75ohm and many with Siamese cables in our reels. See our indoor and outdoor reels from 4 inch diameter to 17 inch big boy retractable reels. New electric reels to wind with a flip of a switch.

We are the premier supplier of these retractable reels up to 120’ and hand winding reels 100’ to 2000’ to Police, Government, Factories, Auto Dealers, Retail Outlets, Fortune 100, High Schools, Colleges, Universities and Trade schools and many more with worldwide distribution out of our factory in Alabama. Drop by and see our Airforce one 2000’phone reel we produce and it’s not a wax replica.

Say “NO” to tripping on cables and wires strung around the floors or dangling from ceilings and walls.

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Feedback from our happy customer

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for you and your team assisting us in developing a retractable choir mic system.  After scouring the web for similar systems, we found that they were either built exclusively for conference rooms/auditoriums with attached omni mics, or incredibly over priced such as “Servo Reelers”.  While I was given the go ahead with their system, their customer service left a bit to be desired.  After several contacts, you were the first person who said “ yes we can make it to your specifications“.  An even added bonus was that your team caused me to rethink about some unforeseen challenges in our custom build.   And I was pleasantly surprised that it was a fraction of the cost of Servo-Reelers.  It was very refreshing to have a dialog with you and your team as we continued to hone in on the build.  Lightcast met our needs superbly!

Upon installation, we had some unexpected issues.  But having phone access to both Troy and Alan on a Saturday was invaluable; on their day off nonetheless.  Alan continued to work with us to ensure that the final product worked to our specifications.  He sent us an additional part at no cost to us to help us circumnavigate the wireless challenge.

Just an awesome “WE CAN DO” team that you have there.   Destiny Christian Fellowship appreciates all of LightCast’s efforts.

I am drop boxing a video that shows the final product.  I can add some photos, but because your team was equally interested in our reelers not only being as quiet as possible, but also low profile in terms of visibility, one would be very hard pressed to even see them mount on the ceiling.  The first time our Pastor saw them was on a Sunday and we was very pleased with the final product.  Not to mention the thousands of dollars in cost savings from Servo-Reelers.

Thanx again for everything.

Miguel Ponder,  Destiny Christian Fellowship


Miguel Ponder,  Destiny Christian Fellowship

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